Early Sunday morning, the frost on our green metal roof was just starting to melt and drip off, and  TNS families were already armed  with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction for our fantastic fall facilities work day. Yard work  was the name of the game, today. Noah Tetreault brought in the heavy  machinery and moved a ton of soil,  brush, and detritus with his excavator. The rain garden was completely  cut back; several gardens were re claimed from invasive plants like  bittersweet and multiflora rose, and  our picnic tables were given some  much needed love and attention. This was Amber’s first time organizing an event and she did a great job  checking in with folks as they labored throughout the morning. Dana brought her husband and their  dogs to fire up our pizza oven and treated volunteers to wood-fired pizzas  after the work was done. Special thanks to Sharon Staz for her generous  donation of some much needed tools. The grounds look great! It never  fails to lift my spirits when I see what a small group of determined people  can do when they work together on a common cause. Thank you, New Schoolians for your amazing efforts today! Look for more pictures of the  workday in this News, and be sure to check out Flickr