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Early in the 2018-19 school year, students expressed interest in a journey to the Azores, an isolated Portuguese island group in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Students and teachers spent much of the first semester planning the trip and learning about the Azores. During the early part of the second semester, the group [...]


For our regional intensive this year, students collaborated with the teachers to design an in-depth study of Indigenous People in New England. Our study focused primarily on the 5 Wabanaki tribes in Maine and the Wampanoag of Massachusetts. We visited the Penobscot and Wampanoag nations to spend time with the tribes to understand their [...]

Southern maine’s new “must go to” restaurant is the new school!

The students and teachers at The New School started a four-part dinner series as a fundraiser for their intensive programming.  The dinners planned by each advisory and include a five course meal, beverages, and unique themes for entertainment.  The first dinner was a season-specific Harvest Dinner, consisting of locally grown produce and fish.  Jason Romagnoli, [...]

Students shine at leap night

LEAP stands for Learning, Exhibitions And Performance. The excitement and anticipation is palpable during the prep time for LEAP Night.  The students spend the days leading up to the evening preparing their portfolios, putting finishing touches on displays and carefully crafting a table that speaks to each student's uniqueness.  This individuality is one of the [...]