Teachers have developed a Remote Learning Plan for the school in the  event that community transmission rates of coronavirus rise and it be comes too risky to continue meeting in-person for school. We will also  use this schedule if the school needs to close due to positive COVID-19  status within our community.  

Here is the Remote Learning Schedule. Students will be expected to join  their classes on Zoom using the above schedule. Teachers will use a variety of instructional approaches including whole class synchronous instruction, catch and release lessons, and independent learning options.  

Using Google Classroom will be essential for Remote Learning. Teachers  are working directly with students in school now to ensure they have confidence navigating the Classroom platform. 

As we learned last spring, communication between parents, students, and  teachers is critical for success when we are remote. Dana is working with  Janet in the office to update our communications platforms to ensure  that information is easy to access. 


The New School is working to make it as normal and as easy as possible  for people to adhere to the health and safety guidelines outlined in the  Handbook. When students or staff need to stay home, the school is committed to making it as smooth as possible for learning to continue at  home. When an individual student has to learn from home, we will have a  Zoom meeting to work out a Personal Learning Plan. Together teachers  and families will develop the best possible scenario for students who  need to learn from home.  

If staff or students have to stay home because they have come into con tact with the virus or suspect they may have contracted COVID-19, we ask  that they stay home for 14 days or, if sick, until they are symptom free for  48 hours. People who are not symptomatic are welcome to seek out a  COVID-19 test if they have an increased risk of carrying the virus. They  may return to school prior to the 14 days pending a negative COVID-19  test. 

In the event that teachers are unable to teach in person, we will use our  office staff and our community teachers as substitute teachers. Teachers  will also teach from home when possible using Zoom with support from  the office staff and other teachers.