Landon Knittweis is a former New School student who graduated in 2011. Since then he attended the University of Maine at Machias where he studied Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management. Since his college years Landon has traveled and worked throughout the state of Maine in the fields of Land Stewardship, Conservation, Architectural Salvage, and Recreational Programming, not to mention several roles in Education along the way! Landon brings his passions for alternative, and place based learning back with him to TNS where he is excited to share his experiences and continue his journey of lifelong learning. In his free time, Landon is a country folk musician who has toured New England with the Fremont Street String Band creating a musical community and spreading the good vibes of his home place through song to any and all that would listen! In addition to music, he is an avid outdoorsman who spends a sizable portion of his life tromping through the woods, and paddling the various waterways of Maine with his trusty dog Charlie, a six year old English Setter (who follows him everywhere, even to The New School)! Landon feels exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to have returned to his alma mater be an active participant of the community again, albeit in a new way! This last trimester Landon is teaching courses on “True Crime”, Outdoor Recreation, as well as co-teaching Model UN with Yuval Kittredge, another New School graduate!