We still have a few spots available for Fall 2021.  The New School is the ideal setting for self-directed students who thrive in a small community.  A successful student at TNS actively participates in their learning, uses their voice within the community, and is excited to pursue passions that are unique to them.

Students and teachers collaborate to create a new course schedule every semester.  Course offerings are based on student interest and student needs.  Within specific classes, students continue to negotiate with teachers to find assessments that fit their learning styles and assignments that are appropriately challenging.  Students and teachers are in touch with the world around us, and there is an openness to following emergent interests within the context of a class.

Students enjoy a balance of structure and choice, giving them opportunities to be challenged and to grow.  At The New School, we welcome diversity, and offer an open, supportive and inclusive community with a zero-tolerance bullying policy.

If this sounds like a fit for your student, please contact us for a tour.