The New School officially started the school year with “opening day” this past Saturday.  The day began with introductions through a couple of fun ice breakers including people bingo.  Serious competition ensued once the bingo board was handed out. This day serves to build our new community for the year, learning the roles that families play in our democratic community, how the cooperative leadership model works, and we go over the structure of All School Meetings.  Once a month our whole community meets (students, families, teachers, staff, and volunteers from the greater community) to discuss ongoing events, policy that might need to be changed, and other all-school issues.  We demonstrated our modified consensus decision making model through a staff and student skit, complete with proposal for a school mascot (a chipmunk which did not pass) and a demonstration with explanation of the “fist to five” process.

Then, after an incredible potluck lunch which included many items from all of our gardens, the enthusiastic new group for the school year 2017-2018 went to the “jobs list” and got busy getting the building and grounds ready for the first day of school!  And if you haven’t come by yet to see how amazing everything looks, be sure to make time soon!