On Friday, September 20 Ally and Brad skipped school with Samantha, Dorcus, Emma, Zabrina, Dawn, Avery, and Henry to attend the Global Climate Strike in Portland.

The Portland Press Herald estimates there were over 2000 youth and their supporters present at the event. This strike was an outgrowth of Fridays for Future, a global youth movement that was started by Swedish teenager and climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Over 150 countries participated in events on Friday in what has been reported as the largest coordinated global climate action ever. The New School participants finished making their posters for the rally in Whole Foods on Friday morning and then walked to city hall. They were inspired by the many awesome teen and college student speakers. One highlight of the day was when Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling and officials from South Portland signed a resolution asking city leaders to “commit to take immediate actions to safeguard against the current, inevitable and potential consequences of the climate crisis” through specific policy goals, emergency funding and education. Check out the articles in the Portland Press Herald and Maine Public for more information.