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Raising Salmon

Students in the Watershed and Ecology class ventured north to release their Atlantic salmon fry.  Out of 200 eggs, 193 hated and developed into fry.  That's an amazing success rate!  Students involved in raising the Atlantic salmon named all of the eggs when they arrived at the school.  They read all 200 names of the fish before releasing them.  As part of their senior project,  Alex Morin created a companion website to educate people about Atlantic Salmon. Click here to learn more about their great work!

Model United Nations Conference 2023

May 10-12, 2023.  Juniors Reny Morin and Olie Saywell participated in the Maine Model United Nations at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham this week.  Reny and Olie represented Ukraine at the conference.  Reny served as a delegate on the NATO committee and Olie was in the General Assembly.  NATO debated energy security and the potential expansion of NATO, and the General Assembly tackled issues related to rural education and discussed strategies to increase the role of women in politics. Both participants were singled out for awards this year.  Reny was an Honorable Mention Delegate and Olie was a [...]

Deadlines to Apply for Winter/Spring Term 2023

Limited spots are available for the Winter/Spring Term 2023 Application deadlines for the Winter/Spring terms are as follows: Winter Intensives run from January 23-February 17. All application materials must be received by January 9, 2023. Tuition for this start date is $6,400. Students joining us during intensives are only eligible to participate in local intensive groups. Spring Classes begin February 28. All application materials must be received by February 6, 2023. Tuition for this start date is $5,200. Start by filling out our inquiry form here.

Christine Knowles hits the airwaves

Christine Knowles, our Executive Education Director, recently sat down to record a podcast with Kim Lloyd.   Kim and Christine talked about using a narrative approach to the process of education, and Christine discusses how allowing students to be a part of the democratic process of their own education helps invest them more in the process You can listen to it  here.    

Now Enrolling for Fall 2021

We still have a few spots available for Fall 2021.  The New School is the ideal setting for self-directed students who thrive in a small community.  A successful student at TNS actively participates in their learning, uses their voice within the community, and is excited to pursue passions that are unique to them. Students and teachers collaborate to create a new course schedule every semester.  Course offerings are based on student interest and student needs.  Within specific classes, students continue to negotiate with teachers to find assessments that fit their learning styles and assignments that are appropriately challenging.  Students [...]

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