The New School offers a variety of services to assist homeschoolers with their education. Contact us for information on classes or other services for homeschoolers. 


Home schooled students are welcome to take up to two TNS courses per semester. In order to enroll in a course, please first schedule a visit with our Executive Director. To take more than two they must enroll as a regular student. View the current course listing here.

Undergraduate Credential Management

Homeschoolers and their families may consult with a certified teacher/advisor at The New School to apply credit to their learning and organize that credit into a transcript that is acceptable to colleges and the world of work. Credential Management includes two yearly interviews where the student’s learning plan is reviewed and suggestions given for improvement. Work in progress is reviewed and completed work is evaluated for credit. To receive credit, homeschooled students must present ample evidence of accomplishment and progress and a log of time spent in any area of study they wish to have certified for credit.

Graduation Year Credential Management

The final year of home high school is much like the Undergraduate Credential Management, except there are four interviews and much closer contact between the student, his/her family and The New School Advisor. Since homeschoolers must meet state standards and credits to receive a diploma, this is a critical year. Homeschoolers sometimes opt to join the Senior Seminar (see below) in order to take advantage of a broader range of services and be with peers. Diplomas are awarded when the credits required by The New School are met, with satisfactory evidence of accomplishment.

Senior Seminar

This is an Advisory time when seniors prepare for college or the world of work, to meet graduation requirements, develop their portfolios, and generally prepare for their next steps in life in the company of their peers and their Advisor. Homeschoolers may participate fully in Senior Advisory if they wish to receive a New School Home School Diploma.