The New School is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Current membership consists of the following individuals:


Gary Woods
Alumni Parent, The New School Gary has served on the Board of Trustees since 2016, and has been our Chairperson since 2019. Gary has retired from his position as the Engineer and Operations/Project Manager at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. His daughter first attended School Around Us for 2 years before graduating from The New School in 2016. Gary fondly reminisces about how special it is when students share their intensives experiences. He has mentioned that his daughter still reflects on her trips to Kansas and Columbia. Gary is a huge fan of our wood fired stove, pizza being his favorite hearth cooked meal! “The difference between an Adventure and an Ordeal is attitude” is his favorite quote.


David Jones
Attorney, Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry


Jonathan Goldberg
Attorney, MittelAsen, LLC

Jon Goldberg has been with the TNS Board of Trustees for 5 years. He has felt honored to serve as a Chairperson of the Board for 2 of those years, and currently serves as the Secretary to the Board. Jon has been a practicing attorney at law in Maine for almost 20 years. Prior to passing the Bar he owned an operated a small business in southern Maine. Before his move to Maine, Jon spent his life in Baltimore, Maryland. His connection with TNS began when his daughter enrolled as a student during her junior year. He was humbled when they asked him to join the Board of Directors upon his daughter’s graduation. Before his daughter enrolled in TNS they spent time searching for a more holistic experience than that which they had encountered at other private and public schools. Jon, and his family, are completely satisfied with the degree of interest taken by the faculty and administration of The New School in his daughter’s particular educational and personal needs. Jon attests that The New School has outperformed other school choices that cost more than 5 times the current tuition. His favorite quote is a good one by Margaret Mead, “Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Additional Members

Amy Wentworth
Teacher, School Around Us Amy has served on the Board of Trustees for 4 years now. She is the daughter of the Founder of The New School, Marylyn Wentworth, and has been an active parent in the TNS community for years now. Her son, Alexander Davenport, went to TNS for his high school years. Amy speaks fondly of her son’s Senior Project, which is the construction of a beautiful cedar strip canoe. She has always loved the Harvest Fest, and the student constructed wood-fired pizza oven in front of the school. She recalls how impressive the LEAP night performances, especially the movies made by students. She connects with the crazy way that these films are made. It reminds Amy of how TNS does such a beautiful job allowing each student to blossom into their true being.

Sharon Staz
Kennebunk Energy Efficiency Council

Ian Kruger
Student, The New School

Nancy Goldberg
Kennebunk, Maine

Nancy is a certified Speech Language Pathologist and Elementary Education teacher. She recently retired from teaching Kindergarten for 30 years in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. Her relationship with TNS began in the 1990s, when TNS students with an interest in Early Childhood education interned in her Kindergarten classroom. Her daughter attended TNS for her Junior and Senior years. Following her graduation, she attended Pratt Institute and is currently a set designer in the fashion industry. She is eternally grateful for TNS’s willingness and ability to provide a unique, comprehensive, and positive education for her daughter. Following her daughter’s graduation in 2015, she joined the Board of Trustees so that she could give back to the school and its students. Nancy has particularly enjoyed participating on students’ Graduation Committees, attending Roundtables, and providing guidance on their impressive Senior Projects. Some of the amazing Senior Projects that stand out to Nancy are the student art shows, the building of a tiny house, a children’s book about Arthropods, the construction of a guitar by hand and sharing of original music, the production of a Neil Simon play, and the ever famous hand built canoe. When asked what her favorite quote is, Nancy smiled and responded with “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” -Anonymous

Micah Maddox Gilbert
Former Student, The New School