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Racism is a Virus: A Conversation with Asian American Youth in Maine

The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine recently hosted a youth panel discussion about the impact of anti-Asian racism on Asian American youth living in the state. Racism Is A Virus: A Conversation with Asian American Youth in Maine hopes to raise awareness about the historical roots of anti-Asian prejudice in the US and recent rise in hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans. Youth panelists from around the state will share their experiences as Asian American teens growing up in white majority communities in Maine. The discussion was organized by a senior [...]

Time Capsule Burial

Join Brad and his Documenting History crew, virtually of course, to bury a Time Capsule in front of The New School! We will be talking about the items we are including, and will share details on when it will surface again. Brad will begin digging at 2:30pm on Friday, June 5th. We will be going live on Facebook and hope that you will join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/204827827220409/


Early in the 2018-19 school year, students expressed interest in a journey to the Azores, an isolated Portuguese island group in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Students and teachers spent much of the first semester planning the trip and learning about the Azores. During the early part of the second semester, the group worked on finalizing the trip plans. They decided to spend the entire trip on the largest island, inter-island travel was too costly for such a large group. The students also had a many topics of interest, so a trip with a variety of experiences was [...]


For our regional intensive this year, students collaborated with the teachers to design an in-depth study of Indigenous People in New England. Our study focused primarily on the 5 Wabanaki tribes in Maine and the Wampanoag of Massachusetts. We visited the Penobscot and Wampanoag nations to spend time with the tribes to understand their experiences from their perspectives. Through our experiences we came face to face with complicated issues such as: Native American Identity and Representation The Impacts of Racism, Settler Colonialism and Genocide The Role of Land and the Relationship Between Sovereign Nations Traditional Life vs. Contemporary Life [...]

Students Team With Town For Climate Justice

The New School has a solid commitment to climate justice. Students gathered during the summer break to work with Social Studies teacher, Brad Lopes, in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee of Kennebunk. They attended the Select Board Meeting in Kennebunk on August 14 to urge the town to join the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and to sign a Commitment Letter to take action for the improved health of our environment. The town voted unanimously to sign the agreement. The New School will research our current use of resources with the support of the [...]

Many hands work together on greenhouse

The greenhouse is coming along in spite of the delay in getting our building permit.  It was approved last Wednesday, but hasn't come to us yet.  We have dug the foundation ditches with pick ax due to hitting hardpan.  This will make us the strongest people in the whole school.  Muscle men and women!  C.N. Brown has donated all the crushed stone for the foundation and floor.  Deering Lumber donated all the pressure treated beams and gave us a big discount on lumber, so with this community generosity we are financially sailing.  The weather is, of course, our biggest worry [...]

The New School and School Around Us Collaborate

On a cool autumn morning, a bus full of K-8 School Around Us students and their three teachers arrived at The New School ready to work together on collaborative science explorations.   Evan Dewdney was already stoking the fire in our brick oven, generously built for the school as a senior project a few years back.  The goal of the day was to foster connection between the sister schools and create nurturing peer mentorships. Each TNS student was paired with an SAU student based on interests and ages.  After an initial meeting to talk about the day, each pair rushed [...]

Students participate in facilitator training

In order to function effectively in a democratic organization with shared leadership, responsibilities and honoring all voices, the teachers at The New School recognize how integral it is to have good communication skills.  This week, as the students worked on their annual community agreements for the school, they are also learned how to better work within and as a group.  Lauren Tenney is an experienced facilitator, coach, and trainer working specifically with groups to improve function and communication.  Lauren provided an array of exercises to prepare students to actively participate in their own governance. Two days this week, the students [...]

Annual fall student retreat

To begin the school year, The New School traveled to the Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center in the famous White Mountains of New Hampshire. For many students this was an exciting, yet challenging way to begin the school year. Upon arrival, they were met by the outstanding AMC Education Staff, including Rachel, Lucy, Owen, and Josh, who we spent the majority of our time with at Pinkham Notch. As students unpacked and got coordinated, groups gathered together and met their AMC Guide. Each group then met with their guide and started to form team names and approach. [...]


This summer we've had the pleasure of getting to know our new science teacher and her lively, four-legged sidekick, Cooper!  Ally Muir grew up in New Jersey, but spent summers and college in Maine where she has always felt most at home. After graduating from Colby with a major in Geology and minor in Russian, she taught at The Ecology School in Saco. In the summers she lead long distance bike tours (across country, down the Pacific Coast) and backpacking trips (in the Alps). While living in Colorado she taught at an alternative, residential High School in the mountains and [...]

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