The greenhouse is coming along in spite of the delay in getting our building permit.  It was approved last Wednesday, but hasn’t come to us yet.  We have dug the foundation ditches with pick ax due to hitting hardpan.  This will make us the strongest people in the whole school.  Muscle men and women!  C.N. Brown has donated all the crushed stone for the foundation and floor.  Deering Lumber donated all the pressure treated beams and gave us a big discount on lumber, so with this community generosity we are financially sailing.  The weather is, of course, our biggest worry as we are getting a late start due to no building permit.  The students, with our wonderful community volunteer Geoff Haley, have built the north wall which we will put in place next week.  You may see pictures of us putting on a roof in the snow, but we can do anything.  Dawn, Joel, Ryan, Calliope, Sam and Taylor are such willing workers and this greenhouse will truly be their space.  Working really hard can be a lot of fun as we are discovering.