For our regional intensive this year, students collaborated with the teachers to design an in-depth study of Indigenous People in New England. Our study focused primarily on the 5 Wabanaki tribes in Maine and the Wampanoag of Massachusetts. We visited the Penobscot and Wampanoag nations to spend time with the tribes to understand their experiences from their perspectives.

Through our experiences we came face to face with complicated issues such as:
Native American Identity and Representation
The Impacts of Racism, Settler Colonialism and Genocide
The Role of Land and the Relationship Between Sovereign Nations
Traditional Life vs. Contemporary Life for Indigenous People
Efforts to Preserve and Revive Indigenous Culture, Traditions, Language


In addition to visiting Indian Island and Aquinnah, we toured regional museums including the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, the Hudson Museum at UMaine Orono, and Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth Massachusetts.


Our Intensive wrapped up with a public presentation at The New School where we served foods inspired by traditional indigenous recipes and shared our experiences with family, friends, and community members.