Summer Open House

Come and see what learning looks like at The New School – powered by student voices and student choices. Personal Inclusive Engaging Real […]


Are you, or someone you know, interested in learning more about our student driven curriculum? If so, please join us for a tour of our campus, socially distanced conversation, and some wood-fired pizza. We’d love to share our stories with you! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


It’s hard to believe, but our second trimester is coming to an end in just three weeks! Students and teachers have been working together to plan our final trimester. A finalized schedule will probably be released the first week of March, and students will be able to sign up for classes in advisory.March 15 and 16 students will be working on creating virtual LEAP presentations while teachers write narratives and work on tran- scripts. These two days are listed as Teacher Days and students will not be expected to be at school Monday March 15 or Tuesday March 16. [...]


WARM HEARTS + FULL BELLIES We are partnering with Outta the Box this holiday season to host a coat and can drive for the York County Shelter Programs. We will be collecting gently used, clean coats in all sizes; as well as cans and boxes of food that is not expired. This year has been particularly rough on local families and we want our special community to help! If you have items that you would like to donate before 12/1, don't hesitate to drop them off in our outdoor boxes at The New School and behind Outta the Box. [...]


Graduation will be held in person at TNS on Saturday July 25 at 10:00 am.  Because we are limiting our in-person attendance for graduation to less than 50 people to comply with COVID-19 public safety measures, we will be live-streaming the ceremony. The link to register to attend is available now on our website. We also have our live viewing link on Facebook. A professionally filmed version of graduation will also appear on our YouTube page.  Invitations have been sent out to graduating families, staff, student participants, and other community members. We are asking people who have received an [...]


At the end of every semester, The New School celebrates our students' learning with a public display of their accomplishments.  We call this event LEAP Night (Learning Exhibits and Performances). LEAP is an important tradition at TNS, and unfortunately the quarantine prevented us from holding an in-person event this spring. We still wanted to celebrate our students' accomplishments and share their learning with the public.  Thus, was VEAP created.  Please enjoy our Virtual Exhibits and Performances of the  students' spring learning. THE NEW SCHOOL'S VEAP GALLERY 2020 ZABRINA RICHARDS, JUNIOR, ARUNDEL LIBBY VERDELLI, SOPHOMORE, SOUTH PORTLAND WYATT LAPRISE, SENIOR, [...]

‘Quarantine Talent Show’

THE NEW SCHOOL PRESENTS IT'S FIRST EVER 'VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW' The theater class is organizing a virtual talent show for our New School community. Everyone has talent--Think outside the box for this event! Maybe you are working on your skateboard tricks? BMX tricks? Play a song, perform a magic trick, read a poem, train your pet to do a trick, present a monologue, paint a picture Bob Ross style, cook something amazing, juggle, dance, recite tongue twisters, throw a pot, sculpt something, whittle, wood burn, draw something, perform gymnastics, sink some trick shots with the basketball in your yard. [...]

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