In Devon's Words: For my senior project I have created an illustrated educational book about arthropods of the American Northeast. It’s a fact about me that’s usually received poorly by people, I’m fascinated and enamored by armored invertebrates. Beetles, moths, centipedes, millipedes, isopods, crabs, and spiders. I feel that much of the stigma levied against these pillars of the ecosystem comes from what people simply don’t know about them. It is my hope that through art and straight forward education, people may come to love these strange and numerous animals as I do. To see his beautiful work, visit [...]


Eli Gratz is on of 2017's graduates of The New School. He will be attending Montserrat School of Art this fall.  Eli's inspiration began at an early age, when he wrote his first comic series about "Bugy."  Through The New School, Eli has turned his passion into an online web comic called "Mars," as his required senior project. Each senior at The New School completes a senior project that includes an original piece of work, 200 hours dedicated to creating the project, a "give-back" opportunity whereby the student does volunteer work in the community, and finishes with a presentation to the senior round table whose members work [...]

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