The theater class is organizing a virtual talent show for our New School community. Everyone has talent–Think outside the box for this event! Maybe you are working on your skateboard tricks? BMX tricks? Play a song, perform a magic trick, read a poem, train your pet to do a trick, present a monologue, paint a picture Bob Ross style, cook something amazing, juggle, dance, recite tongue twisters, throw a pot, sculpt something, whittle, wood burn, draw something, perform gymnastics, sink some trick shots with the basketball in your yard. Get your whole family involved and film a comedy skit. The options are endless, and you are all amazing, so share your talents with one another! It will help us feel connected. No talent is too small. The key is to have fun and share your joy with others. That’s one way the community works. This talent show is an activity the whole school community can participate in together, even while we have to stay apart from one another. Please consider participating!! The theater class is excited to be organizing this virtual event, but they need submissions to make it a reality. Submit a 2-5 minute video of your talents and watch ‘live’ along with the rest of the community on May 15th. Please send your video to by May 8th to save your place and make ‘virtual’ history with us. We will be raffling a Nook Tablet, a Firestick, and a Sony Extra Bass SRS XB10 speaker for all registered guests on the night of the talent show. Please register for your tickets here. Each spot you save for the Opening Show will get you a ticket for the raffle! The best part? Our tickets are FREE!! Just watch the first ever Quarantine Talent Show and have some fun!