Learning does look different here. Over the past few weeks, our students have been conducting learning in and out of the classroom. Some recent highlights:

Our Archeology class visited the Real Pirates Museum in Salem, MA, to learn about underwater archeology. Highlights of the trip included examining the world’s only fully authenticated pirate treasure ever discovered.

On the most recent Giving Back Day, students visted the Center for Wildlife and the Biddeford Food Pantry to volunteer with community organizations.

Last week, our students visted Chef Figgy DiBenedetto’s kitchen to learn about the history of some southern comfort foods and had a hands-on learning experience.

At Great Island Common in New Castle, NH, our archeology students used devices similar to those used in the field while our photography students practiced nature and outdoor photography.

Our math students broke out the tiniest trebuchet.

And, with all that going on outside our school, we also recently had Maine State Senator Henry Ingwersen (Senate District 23) and Maine State Representative Dan Sayre (Kennebunk) visiting the school to discuss policy with our students.