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The New School would like to thank all of you that bid on our awesome Silent Auction items! If you won an item, and are now wondering how to get your hands on your prize- here is the run down! Please make sure that all items are paid for by connecting with Janet in our office. Janet's email is: thenewschool@tnsk.org and she will handle all of the payments directly with you. Call or text Dana at 207.205.4810 to coordinate a curbside pick up at The New School T-F next week. If you are homebound, please call Dana and coordinate [...]

Congratulations Claire!

Claire Brown, a senior at the New School, recently received some exciting news from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont.  She has been selected from a competitive pool of candidates to receive a S-STEM Grant. These scholarships are awarded to students who expressed strong interest in the S-STEM objectives of nurturing data-savvy scientists and science-savvy mathematicians. Claire, who plans to major in Environmental Science at St. Michaels next fall, was offered the opportunity to apply for this scholarship with her acceptance letter. In applying for the S-STEM Grant, Claire was asked to describe how Environmental Science relates to a [...]

‘Quarantine Talent Show’

THE NEW SCHOOL PRESENTS IT'S FIRST EVER 'VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW' The theater class is organizing a virtual talent show for our New School community. Everyone has talent--Think outside the box for this event! Maybe you are working on your skateboard tricks? BMX tricks? Play a song, perform a magic trick, read a poem, train your pet to do a trick, present a monologue, paint a picture Bob Ross style, cook something amazing, juggle, dance, recite tongue twisters, throw a pot, sculpt something, whittle, wood burn, draw something, perform gymnastics, sink some trick shots with the basketball in your yard. [...]


Jason Daley is co-teaching a film studies class as part of his senior project. In his own words: For my senior project I am studying film. Film has been a passion of mine since I was young, which has made this project very enjoyable. Some of my favorite films are Blade Runner, 2001 a Space Odyssey, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Thing, and Taxi Driver. This semester I have been Christine's teacher assistant for the film class. Christine has given me the task of finding movie clips that relate to the topics we are covering in the class. Recently [...]


In Devon's Words: For my senior project I have created an illustrated educational book about arthropods of the American Northeast. It’s a fact about me that’s usually received poorly by people, I’m fascinated and enamored by armored invertebrates. Beetles, moths, centipedes, millipedes, isopods, crabs, and spiders. I feel that much of the stigma levied against these pillars of the ecosystem comes from what people simply don’t know about them. It is my hope that through art and straight forward education, people may come to love these strange and numerous animals as I do. To see his beautiful work, visit [...]


Each student who graduates from The New School completes a senior project.  Claire has been organizing an outing club, following an inspirational Outdoor Leadership class in which she participated last year. In her own words: My name is Claire and my senior project is starting an outing club. I was inspired to do this because of my outdoor leadership class that I took last year and I’ve always just loved being outdoors and I wanted to share that love with other people.  Just last weekend I took a group of five people (myself and ally included) up to Jefferson [...]


On Friday, September 20 Ally and Brad skipped school with Samantha, Dorcus, Emma, Zabrina, Dawn, Avery, and Henry to attend the Global Climate Strike in Portland. The Portland Press Herald estimates there were over 2000 youth and their supporters present at the event. This strike was an outgrowth of Fridays for Future, a global youth movement that was started by Swedish teenager and climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Over 150 countries participated in events on Friday in what has been reported as the largest coordinated global climate action ever. The New School participants finished making their posters for the rally [...]


Early in the 2018-19 school year, students expressed interest in a journey to the Azores, an isolated Portuguese island group in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Students and teachers spent much of the first semester planning the trip and learning about the Azores. During the early part of the second semester, the group worked on finalizing the trip plans. They decided to spend the entire trip on the largest island, inter-island travel was too costly for such a large group. The students also had a many topics of interest, so a trip with a variety of experiences was [...]


For our regional intensive this year, students collaborated with the teachers to design an in-depth study of Indigenous People in New England. Our study focused primarily on the 5 Wabanaki tribes in Maine and the Wampanoag of Massachusetts. We visited the Penobscot and Wampanoag nations to spend time with the tribes to understand their experiences from their perspectives. Through our experiences we came face to face with complicated issues such as: Native American Identity and Representation The Impacts of Racism, Settler Colonialism and Genocide The Role of Land and the Relationship Between Sovereign Nations Traditional Life vs. Contemporary Life [...]

Faculty Corner: Structured Academic Controversy

Structured Academic Controversy:  Teaching Strategies in Action, by Brad Lopes Was Abraham Lincoln a racist? Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a war crime? Did the 14th Amendment really abolish slavery? These are the kind of questions that have troubled historians and teachers alike for many years. It is human nature to seek out definitive answers to hard questions. In many ways this can lead to dichotomous thinking around an idea. In other words, we tend to seek out the black or white, when in many circumstances there is nothing but grey. For young teachers, [...]

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