Fritz Grobe recently conducted a workshop for students and teachers here at The New School. The event, designed to inspire creativity and highlight the importance of perseverance, was a resounding success, engaging our learners in improvisation exercises and a unique activity involving creative uses for tissues.

Fritz, a co-founder of EepyBird, is renowned for his viral online videos featuring the explosive combination of Coke and Mentos that have been seen by over 150 million people, won four Webby Awards, and been nominated for two Emmys.

They’re one of the staff’s favorite moments from the David Letterman show!

He began with a presentation titled “One, Ten, 100”, a story of resilience and tenacity which resonated with the students, showing that success is rarely linear and proving that everyone can tap into their creativity. Grobe’s presentation included a discussion about his journey with EepyBird, where he and his team spend countless hours experimenting with everyday objects, often leading to unexpected results. He emphasized that failure is an essential part of the creative process and encouraged students to persist in the face of challenges.

The sticky note waterfall, mid-cascade, with blue and green notes.
“Creativity only flourishes when we let go of our fear of failure and start trying things that might not work,” Grobe stated. “The key is to keep exploring, especially when things don’t go as planned. It was great to see how the students at the New School dove right into that mindset. Everyone embraced the spirit of experimentation!”

Following the presentation, he showcased an interactive art element that’s so new we can’t even talk about it here. The to-be-unveiled-soon artwork brought an infectious energy to the event.

During the last part of the event, he launched the students and staff into a series of improv games before leading a creative activity with boxes of facial tissue. We were challenged to find as many uses for tissues as possible, which was particularly fun and showcased how simple objects can spark extraordinary ideas.

“The atmosphere was electric as students and staff participated in improv events,” commented MaryBeth Luce, Business Director at The New School. “Fritz Grobe’s approach to creativity and his message about continued curiosity inspired everyone in attendance.”

The event at The New School not only provided a memorable experience for students and staff but also reinforced the school’s commitment to individual creativity. Grobe’s insights and the engaging activities helped participants gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, the value of overcoming fear, and the importance of persistence in meeting goals.

Lilly and Ally with a rope!