A Nintendo Switch featuring the character select screen for Mario Kart 8.

The New School’s eSports team is starting up! Our game this season: Mario Kart 8.

This after school program is free to join for high school aged teenagers. No costs are associated with the team — all materials needed to play are provided for practices and matches. Practices are held on Mondays and matches are held on Thursdays throughout February, March, and April. Finals will be held during the last week of April.

Our eSports athletes are required to be in good academic standing — attendance and grades — with their school or homeschool in order to play in matches.

Important dates:

  • Thursday, January 18th (3:45 pm): first round of tryouts
  • Thursday, January 25th: sign up deadline
  • Monday, January 29th (3:45 pm): our first practice
  • Thursday, February 8th (4 pm): our first competitive game

All matches are hosted through the PlayVS system. For more information, contact coach Phoenix Raizel at matthew.breer@tnsk.org.