View an album of photos from the recent LEAP Night.

TNS students’ pride and engagement in their learning was in full evidence at the June LEAP Night where they showcased their work from the semester. At LEAP* Night, TNS’s version of final exams, students create exhibits of their work and spend an hour with Feedback Teams, pairs of adults who ask open ended questions designed to help students articulate their strengths, challenges and emerging passions. Although new students often find their first LEAP night daunting, after a few LEAP nights students have gained self-confidence and truly enjoy the experience. Often Feedback Team members meet with the same student over several years so they are able to witness and validate students’ growth as learners. Many Feedback Team members love the experience and have been volunteering for years.

LEAP night concludes in the Discovery Room where students share the stage to present various works to the school community. During the recent LEAP Night the Public Policy class presented key findings on the subject of homelessness, students in Biomedical Ethics debated physician-assisted suicide, Gender Studies students read poems, Math IV students presented a humorous skit about triangles, budding filmmakers presented a music video and the Astronomy class sang a song they had written about moons.

TNS wishes to thank all who participated as Feedback Team members, the parents who created a wonderful dinner, the hardworking students who created amazing exhibits and performances, and the outstanding teachers who continue to inspire us all.

*LEAP is an acronym for Learning, Experience & Performance