Michel Droge is silhouetted in front of a large image of an octopus.

Thursday, February 15th, The New School Presents brings you a conversation with Dr. Beth Orcutt of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and the artist Michel Droge (visiting Assistant Professor at Bates College), focusing on art, ocean conservation, and discovery.

The event begins at 5pm at Sacred Profane Brewing in Biddeford with an open gallery. Presentations commence at 6pm.

Here’s what Bigelow Laboratory has to say about the event:

If you’ve heard the buzz about the four new species of octopus discovered during the #OctoOdyssey expeditions last year, this is your chance to hear directly from Michel, who joined for the first voyage as an artist-at-sea, and from Beth, who co-led both of the expeditions aboard @schmidtocean’s Falcor (too) research vessel. And if that’s not enough to love, admission is FREE! Don’t miss it!

Michel Droge writes:

We will be talking about our experience at Sea with @schmidtocean on the Falkor (too) and my latest work a multi media installation [at Bates College that] shares the experience of the deep sea through collaborative video, sound, and movement. The deep sea is an animated and wonderous place full of life that is rarely encountered by humans. In light of current demands for metals and minerals found abundantly on the sea floor and the impending risks of unregulated exploitation by mining, we want to share the vibrancy of the deep sea to raise awareness of the urgent need for the protection and conservation of these fertile, queer, and vital ecosystems. The video and sound recordings were collected from the deep sea (from beyond the Midnight Zone to the Abyssal Plain at approximately 3000 meters) by Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Please join us for food and beverage and good conversation!

Our event is free and open to the public. Sacred Profane Brewing is located at 50 Washington Street, Biddeford.