A Pride flag with the Kennebunk River in the background.

A toddler enjoying Pride in the Bunks.This coming Saturday, June 8th, The New School will be at Pride in the Bunks, the annual Kennebunkport Pride gathering in its third year.

Pride in the Bunks, a completely free and welcoming event, will be based just off of Dock Square at the South Church River Green (just on the inland side of the public parking lot). There’s going to be entertainment, food, crafts and more from noon until 3pm on that Saturday. The New School will have a pop-up photo booth with glamourous costumes from Outta The Box. You bring the camera; we’ll have the dress up! Plus: each visitor to our photo booth gets a 10% off coupon for Outta The Box.

Come and have a great time!

More info at Pride in the Bunks’ facebook and instagram feeds.

(images courtesy of Pride in the Bunks)